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 Why Us?

At YOURTravel and YOURTours we are travellers ourselves, and we are very passionate about what we do.


We know that you want to experience Your holiday, Your Way.


For our retail team at YOURTravel we are not here to ‘sell’ you a holiday, but to listen to your ideas, and work with you to transform your travel plans into a real trip of a lifetime.


We are a fully independent boutique travel business which means we are completely impartial in offering travel suggestions.  The only guidance we follow is what you, our customer gives us, along with our expert knowledge.


Our staff (we think) are the best you can get and we offer a very high level of service.  Each member of our team has over fifteen years experience in travel and touring between us we have worked in a variety of roles both in New Zealand and abroad.  These expertise enable us to fully understand all the components of a holiday, from the planning stages right through to the finer details of the trip itself, and we are here to share our knowledge and experience with you.  We can assist you with a with a wide range of travel plans, cruise, safari, sun, escorted tours, bespoke travel, family holidays, adventure, ski, weddings. 


Our team at YOURTours are hosted small group touring specialists, both internationally and domestically within New Zealand.  Our hosted small group hosted tours always prove to be popular and our team of hosts love meeting up with our many returning guests each year for new adventures together.


We are here to help, whether it be for independent travel or joining one of our lovely hosted tours.  Our team are happy to assist with any travel or touring request you may have, ensuring you are looked after along the way and end up with Your holiday, Your Way. 

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