Escorted Touring Holidays

Travelling on an escorted tour is a hassle free and social way to travel.  The itineraries are ready designed for you complete with a tour escort, included guided tours, accommodation, and in some cases meals too.  Tour escorts generally meet you in destination at the start point hotel of the tour.

There are so very many options to choose from when it comes to travelling on an escorted tour.  Tours range in group size, level of luxury, and inclusivity.  Itineraries are varied and some have a specific specialist focus such as culinary tours, art tours, and tours for families with children.

The team at YOURTravel have been tour leaders themselves and understand first hand what escorted tours are all about.  If you are thinking about going on an escorted tour we would love to chat with you and show you all the options. 


As a fully independent agency we have access to the widest range of product that may not be available through other booking channels.

YOURTravel also have our own range of hosted tours.  These are led by own staff and hosted from your doorstep in New Zealand.

Some of our Favourite Escorted Touring Holidays

Maxine's Choice - Vietnam.
O.k, yes for sure you can journey through Vietnam on your own, but we know first hand how a tour leader can enhance your time in this wondrous destination, such as joining the locals for some Bia Hoi (local brew, pictured above.)
Up to date restaurant recommendations, tailor recommendations, confident route guiding whilst trekking or cycling are all added benefits from having a tour escort, plus the added value of local guides to bring the highlights alive.
Cherry Blossoms in Japan
Specialist Choice - Cherry Blossom, Japan.
In Springtime Japan's landscape blooms with pink.  It's a stunning time to enjoy a tour throughout the entire of Japan. From Tokyo's beautiful gardens to Mount Fuji this incredibly unique, scenic, and welcoming country awaits.