About our New Zealand Tours
Travel Style

YOURTravel has designed a mix from 4 day to our longer 15 day hosted small group tours.  When travelling on our coach, we always ensure there are frequent comfort stops along the way at different points, allowing also for photos, short walks and coffee breaks.  Our days normally start around 8am, but you may get a few sleep ins too and our days are well paced, without the rush.  Our groups are very friendly and social, so it's just like travelling with a group of old friends or family.

Where do we stay?

One of the most important and stress-inducing aspects of any major trip is accommodation, or where to sleep while on a trip.  With all of our tours YOURTravel has taken care of this for you.  We have hand-picked all of your accommodation in places that we know and stay in ourselves.  Our hotels are all boutique or premium accommodation where we can and we try to ensure they are just a short walk to town.

How many people will be in my group?

You can expect up to 18 travellers on a tour plus our YOURTravel Tour Host.  We keep our group sizes small so you have the freedom to move around and have more intimate experiences, where the whole group shares special moments with the people and the environments that you are visiting.  With this size group our YOURTravel Tour Host has more flexibility to change parts of the itinerary while we on tour, based on the weather or other opportunities that present themselves along the way. This intimate size ensures that you get to know your fellow travellers, create friendships along the way and sometimes new lifelong friends can be made. 

Who are our trips for?

Our YOURTravel hosted small group tours are designed by us, for New Zealanders.  We know the best locations to visit in each destination and we include some special experiences for you to enjoy.  Our YOURTravel tours appeal to a broad range of ages but, typically, the majority of our clients are aged 60 plus and are designed with this in mind.

What about solo travellers?
Don’t let the thought of travelling alone stop you from reaching your dreams. One of the best parts of a YOURTravel small group hosted tour is experiencing travel in good company. 
While you’ve always got someone to spend time with on tour, some single travellers prefer to share their room as well, whether for the companionship or for the value of a twin-share. If you are interested in finding a travel partner, please get in touch.
What is included in this tour?
  • A professionally planned itinerary

  • The services of a professional YOURTravel Tour Host

  • Expert local guides who provide insider knowledge

  • Comfortable on-tour transport

  • Full accommodation

  • All sightseeing, highlights and activities as per your itinerary

  • Meals as per your itinerary

How do we travel around?

We travel around in a late modeled air-conditioned tour coach. With our group size of no more than 18 people and our coach seating 24-33 people, one of the great things is you won’t be crammed into a coach with other travellers.  With a smaller tour coach, it offers the benefit of exploring back roads that larger coaches cannot access or may not be permitted to travel on.  We rotate where people are seated each day on the coach, allowing everyone to experience different viewing perspectives (and allowing you to make new friends).

Who will be my host?

YOURTravel Tour Hosts are all well-travelled industry professionals and handpicked by us for their skills, professionalism, and of course personality.  Their duty of care to our guests is our priority and that's why we tend to enlist our own YOURTravel people, people we know, love, and wholeheartedly trust. We are very proud of our passionate team of YOURTravel Tour Hosts.  They are the first point of contact for guests 24/7 and obviously a great travel companion too. 

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance as soon as your trip is booked and to make sure that you are covered for cancellation fees, interruption costs and any other kind of unforeseen circumstance.  Just speak to a YOURTravel Consultant who can help to arrange this for you.

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